Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Eliminate dirty textures from your home

This kind of ceiling, besides attracting dirtiness, it contains a toxic substance called asbestos.  Asbestos is composed of different types of crystal fibers. To breathe these for long periods of time increases the risks of contracting pulmonary diseases

To eliminate this kind of ceiling implies a great physical effort and lots of sweating. It is required to utilize special equipment to cover eyes, nose, and mouth

Don’t get exposed to dangerous exhausting situations, go to a professional. Our expert team of painters in Calgary City Coatings will assist you satisfactorily removing all these particles

Attention to detail

Our painters give the greatest priority to protect every corner of your home. We cover your floors, walls, and furniture to avoid dust

We’ll clean when we are done, your place will be as clean as it was before

For us, the most important thing is to deliver the best job available. To create a stress-free working situation, nice and comfortable. You can be sure that you will get amazing results at very competitive prices

Start your project today!

Transform your personal space today and enjoy your new home

  • We provide quick solutions for your requirements
  • Surprising results at very competitive prices
  • We make sure that your spaces are maintained clean and safe