Calgary Exterior Painting

Are your outer walls losing color?

With the pass of time is normal that our outer walls deteriorate, lose color or get stained due to multiple weather changes

In City Coatings we give special attention to your exterior surfaces, If your walls present any kind of crack or holes, we take care of them: repairing, spackling, sealing and polishing  them so they get a smooth and soft finish

If your wall presents any signs of filth, we’ll wash the walls with a pressure washer; with this machine we’ll totally eliminate any residue.

With our help you’ll get a clean job, efficient and meticulous, which guarantees that the color of your walls will endure for long periods of time.

residential exterior painting

Attention to detail

It’s important for us to know what type of materials to use so the job done is enduring and to make sure that the damages provoked by sunlight, water, wind and contamination are kept to the minimum.

For us, the most important thing is to deliver the best job available. To create a stress-free working situation, nice and comfortable. You can be sure that you will get amazing results at very competitive prices

We are a disciplined team of painters, we meet every schedule and never surpass the previously agreed budget

Exterior paint is the most effective and affordable way to rejuvenate and beautify your home.

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